Day 139 of Confinement and the last day with our roomies

Last night was a great night for photos at dusk.

My main annoyance this morning is that I have an iPad keyboard case that is not working. I should qualify that statement, the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, & 0 do not work. The rest of the keyboard works. I have found that having an iPad in a keyboard case which allows me not only to use my iPad like a laptop, but also to be able to more easily use accents in other languages, is an amazing improvement. As I do my Hungarian, I type or write out the sentences I am doing and it is helping me learn the accents. I also do accents whenever I write in French. The iPad thus becomes a replacement for my laptop. My Mac laptop, purchased in 2013, is on a downward swing. The trackpad stopped working several years ago, but frankly, having a bluetooth mouse was fine with me. Then, recently I realized that the battery was draining really fast. With a Mac, I was used to going many, many hours without a recharge. I googled my issue and found out that I could cheaply have my battery replaced. I contacted Apple only to find that since my laptop was that old, that it was not a possibility. They no longer stock the battery. I think I could have it replaced with a non-Apple replacement battery, but I am not so sure about that. Perhaps I should look into that.

As I sit here, able to use my iPad to type all but the above numbers, I am thinking about the other ‘rub’ to the day. I thought I had a doctor’s appointment for my second installment of the Hepatitis A shot in August but it showed up on my calendar today. The appointment is for 10:15 and the office opens up at 10:00. No matter what, I have to take a shower, something I was planning for later, thinking that since it is Friday, we may have some cleaning on the docket. On the other hand, it looks like our roomies are moving back into their home today, so perhaps that is not the best idea.

It is a beautiful day. I am sitting on the patio, dining al fresco, enjoying my decaf coffee due to the fact that we ran out of regular and my Milwaukee coffee is really slow about getting here. It looks like a hot one. The flowers are ablaze with color and the compressor of the air conditioner is running. Birds are taking advantage of the sunflower seeds.

Speaking of birds, the goldfinches put on quite a show for us last night as we sat at the table dining with our two granddaughters for the last time of our confinement. While we were dining, they arrived and landed on the sole sunflower, planted by the chipmunks. They kind of fly danced around the flower. It was beautiful. For the past few years, we have noticed that they love to come and take apart the coneflowers for the seeds. I was slow at deadheading them and apparently it was a good idea as the goldfinches had a great time.

So did we…

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