Today’s view of the water lilies.

Do we ever understand the ramifications of our behavior? Do we ever really know how people are going to respond and feel as a result of our actions? Much of that is most assuredly not even a thought when you come to a person like the current man at the helm, the FOOL (foolish Oval Office leader). You can see the sneer on his face as he talks. It is obvious that empathy and care are two things that for whatever reason are not present in his makeup. He just doesn’t care one iota for the ramifications of his actions. He is okay with people suffering, losing jobs, losing money, having no way to get decent healthcare, education, or jobs.

His reign, and I call it that as I view him as someone akin to the Nazi leader once enthroned in Berlin, is devoid of care for others and it has given rise, to people across the country and even across the globe, allowing them to do the same thing.

When we do something, there is fallout. We turn our heads and look elsewhere and just don’t worry or care about what is happening. If people happen to hurt, to wither, to die, no matter. We don’t see it.

What we don’t see cannot hurt us and besides, the person or persons we are hurting probably deserve their station and what they are receiving. That is the new modus operandi.

I just don’t see it that way. I see that people deserve to be treated better.

I will not, to my dying day, understand how some people just cannot have empathy.

I have had people in my life that I have found reprehensible, even evil and I will admit that perhaps it is hard for me to forgive, but I will certainly try.

A lack of empathy, however, I just don’t get.

History and the history books are going to bear this all out.

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