Denon to Sonos…

Working with my new Sonos ‘Move.’

It is kind of our music weekend. We kind of went Sonos crazy.

We have a great entertainment system with a Denon receiver and quite a few speakers and a subwoofer. It has been problematic at times. The main problem we have had is the number of remotes that we have and the confusion that arises when you want a different channel. For example, some of the programs we watch are on U-verse and others are on apps like Acorn. That necessitates changing the connection between the receiver, in another words connecting the smart TV and its apps to the receiver or connecting the U-verse to the receiver so as to see the shows on TV monitor.

So, I was eyeing the Sonos system, having seen it for some time at our oldest son’s house. I really have to say that I was skeptical of it. I really didn’t think it was possible to have a wireless stereo system. I see, however, that Christian has had it for some time and it really works. It is especially good with the TV. The sound quality is really good and it is surprisingly reliable. The remote aspect of it is the best however because it does not take a rocket scientist to use it. For the current one, I have a list of steps that need to be taken for anyone but me who is an immigrant to Technology. It is just that hard. I need to mentally think about the process that I am involved in. I am guessing that it is good for the brain.

So, we think that our Entertainment System set of a soundbar under the TV, a subwoofer, and two speakers will be good for our modestly-sized family room. At this point, anything without the current three remotes will be an improvement. On a side note, our wonderful Denon system will be donated to one of our other sons who will be able to use it.

I also purchased a Sonos ‘Move’ which is rechargeable and can supposedly play for eleven hours at a pop; realistically, I have read that it can play for five to seven hours. Anyway, it can use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can supposedly be left outside. I am not planning on doing the latter, but I am happy about the mobile music.

Such is life in the time of Coronavirus, where we make our outdoor area even better since we spend even more time there than we have in the past.

Tomorrow, we talk about ‘The Ship,’ an album which is a favorite of ours; music found by Mary Kay at the University of Illinois.

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