Street construction, Confinement, Covid-19, etc.

A view of our overgrown raspberry and currant area with rhubarb, kale, paprika pepper plants, and potatoes.

It is Thursday and has been a busy week. Although our lives have changed immensely in the moving back of our ‘roomies’ to their own home, they have not. We have been seeing our roomies on a daily basis as their home is not good for the kids during the day since workers are still coming in to finish up. The finishing details can often be as insanely time consuming as the actual work. I remember when we endured the construction of a new Primary bedroom with a bathroom and what went on there. It was over twenty years ago and thanks to Technology, I was able to keep amazing lists of things that needed attention although I am sure that Normandy Builders probably had a name for me. I am guessing that our son’s construction group must feel the same way.

Anyway, the two grandkids are with us almost every day. That is good since what with the Pandemic and other things, we have only been blessed with the other two grandkids once since the Pandemic and that was for a quick family birthday celebration.

It is noisy as I write and sip on my coffee and await a walk with Stewart. His canine cohort comes to visit every day and he really relishes his time with us and his ability to sit outside in the backyard, something he cannot do at home since they do not have a completely fenced in back yard. The bigger issue for Lincoln, however, is that the couches are still under wraps in their house and he is forced to lounge on the guest bed. He loves being at our house, being able to chase the chipmunks and to lounge on our couch. He loves being able to have the variety of experiences. I am guessing that his home routine may change due to his Covid-19 experience with us.

The sun is getting hot and the neighborhood road work has commenced for the day. We are getting a new road, new sewers, widened carriage sidewalks, and new curbs. The noise at 8:51 AM is annoying. The good news, however, is that I have never, ever seen such an organized construction company: A Lamp. Wow!

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