Where in the world is Stewart?

This is one of those days where the ‘Add Media’ button has decided not to function, thus the photo I planned to post of Stewart on our walk last night cannot be seen. Sorry!

Stewart seemed a bit tired on our walk last night. I had changed course and took a totally different walk. For me, that is unusual as I tend to fall into routines that I can expect and just go on auto-pilot. Anyway, at certain spots where Stewart might have expected to head home, where he knew directionally where he was, dog that he is, he almost pulled me. I had other plans for our walk.

We walked from our house north and ended up doing a pass by of Walden Elementary School. It was a perfect walk on a perfect, almost unseasonably cool, summer evening. Walking Stewart without his canine cohort, Lincoln, is a much easier deal. Stewart looks almost with disdain at the little, yippy, barking dogs who see him and rev up their communication. Lincoln on the other hand, gets incensed. Lincoln lunges, wanting to be with them. Walking Stewart without Lincoln is easier. Lincoln periodically gets spooked and stops cold. If you are not careful, he will yank his body out of the dog harness. He does not come to his name, he will run, and he has done that for me. Stewart is just less pressure. Sometimes, it is annoying when he decides that a sniffspot is just more than he can handle and just doesn’t want to leave, but usually he walks ahead of me in his Border collie prance.

Last night, after our walk, I decided to take a shower and left Stewart with MK outside on the patio. When I came down, she was still on the patio but I did not see Stewart. I didn’t see Stewart until around 8:15 AM this morning.

When I was lying in bed, as things go, I realized that I hadn’t seen Stewart since somewhere around 8:00 PM in the evening. I asked Mary Kay and she couldn’t remember if she let him in. It is not like Stewart to stay outside in our fenced in back yard, he would bark at the door. So somewhere around 11:30 PM, I checked the front yard, the back yard, and there was no Stewart. I checked all of his usual places down below, on the main floor, and on the top floor and saw no Stewart. I think that he was sleeping in under the bed where our son had gone to sleep and not wanting to disturb him, I looked in, heard snoring, and closed the door. Stewart did not surface.

Just to be sure, I poured a small amount of dog food in his metal bowl. He always comes running. There was no Stewart.

Uncharacteristically for me, I went to bed.

This morning I got up and was doing my morning routines and I saw no Stewart. He finally surfaced however, a bit later. For a dog who usually cries when you are too slow at feeding him, this was a surprise.

I am guessing that he was really tired and that he slept under the bed in my son’s room…go figure…

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