Sun Tea and America

MK is currently parked in the new car in front of the house, having returned home from a quick trip. She is still trying to figure out everything on her new car. It is my car too, but her primary car. I am actually taking it easy in my learning and there is a huge learning curve on a crazy car with Technology enough to make your ‘mind bleed’ as MK’s current lingo goes. I had to practice yesterday for two things: using the button for the back hatch and curbside delivery at Binny’s.

Sun tea is brewing on the patio. America (music from the 70s) is on the Sonos Move. Yesterday, we had a wonderful, socially distanced cocktail hour with good friends. We were blown away with good conversation, camaraderie, and a feeling that we are not alone in this adventure we call life. They made us feel ‘normal,’ something we have not felt all the time as the Pandemic and other issues may have crept into our lives to do what the government and political situation are doing, making everything feel so uncertain. Making us feel that everything is a lie and you just don’t know what to believe anymore.

I have the music on the patio; malbor is ensconced safely away in his house as the weather and temps are not conducive to his safe time outside. That is such a pleasure and it pains me so to be enjoying this at the cost of another, but his intense meanness and hatred somehow cut that pain.

The sun beats down today and although I crazily left the backyard sprinkler on all night, the ground is only wet, not soaked, and not even showing a single puddle. I guess that shows where my mind is. Is it my age? Is it the Pandemic? Is it other pressures and stresses that have come to lodge in my body and mind?

I am going to enjoy the day. Carpe diem!

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