Glue Guns, Derechos, and fallen leaves…

No photo today, WordPress or some technical difficulty is not in agreement with me that I show something.

I have done a lot of repairs in my life and glue has been a constant. I remember the days of putting plastic models together. I got quite good at it when I was a kid. I fell down on it all when it came time to painting them, for some reason. I remember that my largest model was an aircraft carrier. I also remember how dusty the models got and how impossible they were to clean. They all ended up in the garbage at some point.

Elmer’s glue and then Elmer’s construction glue came to be a huge part of my gluing accessories. I am able to put pottery together like you wouldn’t believe, just don’t ever try to put water in it. Duco cement was a standard. Then came Super Glue, now a standard in my medical cabinet for cracked fingers.

Where am I going with this? Well, somehow I have avoided a glue gun and I have no idea as to why. That aversion to getting one changed when our roomies moved out and before doing so, my granddaughter bought me a glue gun. I have some wonderful Target, fake rattan chairs that complete our outdoor setting, and well, they have seen better days, although they are still holding up except for a few fraying bits of faux rattan. Well, the glue gun came in handy as I glued them down. Why did I ever wait so long?

Yesterday, I looked at the weather app, Accuweather, and saw a huge system headed our way from the west. It turns out that it was apparently something called a ‘derecho’ from the Spanish.( We were promised something like 80 mph winds and hail but it ended up being a fast and slightly furious storm for us. I am not sure how other areas have fared.

This morning was beautiful. In between the construction on our street and the storm, it is a bit of a mess out there. There were a good amount of small branches down.

Time for breakfast and then a Zoom…

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