Are we really this stupid? The answer is yes.

School is about to start and we all anxiously awaited the decisions of different school systems. I am absolutely devastated that the school I retired from, New Trier High School, is currently set to return in a hybrid fashion, with a combo of actual classroom attendance and also e-learning. I cannot believe it.

I cannot believe that what is and should continue to be a lighthouse school, a public high school that wreaks of success at every level, is going down the tubes, ready to sacrifice its staff to Covid-19. Apparently there is a Board Meeting coming shortly, at which time there could be a change of plans, but just the fact that up to now they have been so shortsighted, I just have to say that I am disappointed.

Disappointment is something I have felt on so many levels during the days and weeks following the Pandemic and in major Confinement. I have felt it on a world, national, local, and even on a personal level. Everyone seems to be so shortsighted. People cannot think. Impulse is primo and empathy for others is on a downslide.

The desire to return to school right now is literally like preparing to walk the plank. As of right now, we still do not adequately understand that invisible virus that haunts our every activity to the point that the only safety is in Confinement and behind a mask. Is it truly worth taking a chance with the lives of the students and the staffs of our local schools? Is it okay to jeopardize the lives of college students and the people who staff their schools?


This is truly a no brainer and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. We have seen what lack of a national Pandemic plan has done to our country. We have seen what reopening early has done. We have seen, as Confinement goes on, that some people just cannot take it anymore and are not doing what is necessary to stay healthy.

New Trier High School and other schools, colleges and universities, do the right thing. Don’t start school. Yes, it seems that we are taking a big hit, and we are, by not opening up. If we do, however, the price is death and once dead, education is no longer an option.

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