Alligator Snapping Turtles in Highland Park?

The latest water lily show…

My two older grandgirls are obssessed with someone called Coyote Peterson. He is a YouTube personality and a wildlife person with videos that particularly appeal to the younger set. He gets ants that bite and shows them doing so on TV. It is a lot safer than many of the other things that are on the tube, even though he is seen harming himself.

Among the things Coyote does is to get hurt by the animals and insects again and again and in such a way as to show what can and does happen. Why he does it is beyond me. Is it that need for his ‘moment of fame,’ using this as a vehicle?. No matter what, it is some interesting TV. He often chases the biggest snapping turtles.

Today, in my feed, I really looked at something that was in my texting feed from my oldest granddaughter, the photo and video for an alligator snapping turtle the size of a pie. It was found in her quiet suburban neighborhood on the North Shore adjacent to the highway and to the Skokie River (which is like a creek). Apparently the area is sufficiently wild to have things like a snapping turtle that could possibly take off your finger. They believe it had crawled out of the sewer.

I just read that this variety of snapping turtle is, in fact, native to Illinois, on the endangered species list, and also recently reintroduced to the state. I wonder how this turtle found its way to Highland Park?

So I see this scary photo of the turtle and think that if so many world leaders had their way, that they would continue to damage and destroy what has been given humankind and creatures like this would most assuredly never survive. Now mind you, I don’t necessarily want to encounter this animal in the wild, but it apparently has some interesting purpose. Even the hideous, creepy possum has a reason for living. I found out, recently, that they eat ticks. Now frankly, what could be better than that.

What could be better than all of this? For everyone to vote out the dictator before he grabs even more powers and even destroys more programs.

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