The 2nd Day of Fall and Day 193 of Confinement in Week 28

Our garden in ‘Waterlogue’ view in a photo I converted.

The weather is beautiful.

It doesn’t seem like Time of Covid, but it is. Behind me, I heard the funny, indescribable noise of the hummingbird, who has been frequenting the glucose station (aka Hummingbird feeder) and trying to push away any other hummingbirds interested in doing the same.

It is in the low 80s. It was in the 50s this morning. It was cold. I was kind of surprised when the temperature rose and it actually got to the point of being somewhat hot.

I washed my plants that are soon to come in. I missed, one, however, the Passion Flower. I am not happy about having to bring that one in. It has had quite a few blooms unlike its fellow in-house plant outdoors for the summer, the hibiscus. I drenched the plants in soapy water and then washed them off.

One of them is a grapefruit, the only citrus plant in my yard that was attacked by insects. I think it might be happy to go in.

The leaves of the locust are dropping and the tree is green and yellow. It is currently impossible to keep the inside clean as the leaves cling to our feet and to Stewie’s fur. There are few times without these annoying leaves and they are pretty much when the weather turns to snow.

It was kind of a catch up day. Yesterday was extremely tiring after a bad night of sleep. Slept well last night and yet one still has the feeling of being in recovery.

I watered the new sod by the new sidewalk and did a few things here and there.

It was a relatively uneventful day and sometimes we need those. I did call a bunch of senators to beg them to follow Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s wishes and put off the vote on a new Supreme Court Justice. My guess is that 45 will get away with it like everything else he does. Don’t you think it is funny that good people often get caught and cannot do certain things but the Evil Ones…

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