A little housecleaning, a little bulb planting…

Patio days are numbered.

It is day 195 of Confinement and as I write this post on day 194 of Confinement on the patio, I was surprised to hear the pitter patter of rain on the patio umbrellas, a pure surprise given that the sky didn’t look as if it were going to rain. It was a beautiful day filled to the brim as I did some house cleaning, tried to figure out my rowing machine issues, and planted about sixty bulbs.

The rowing machine is the machine I retrieved from my daughter-in-law. I quit my gym as I am not ready to go back into the public like that at this time. I did a little research and found out that Concept2 realized that there is a defect in the connection of the flywheel to the monorail. I contacted them and they sent me the repair kit to make it stronger. In doing so, something happened and the reconnection is not working properly.

The bulbs were long overdue. For the past few years I have been planting some each fall. This year, I decided to do some hyacinths and tulips, and daffodils, a change from the usual daffodil planting of the past few years. It is always exciting in the spring when we see different flowers poking out of the ground.

Today and the past few days were very warm. At night, however, it was very cool. Last night was not. It is a hint of what is to come as winter is arriving and winter plus Pandemic is not going to be a good combo.

It is clear that so many young people are having great difficulty with the idea of social distancing. Every so often you see throngs of them as they work at being young and
are just not able to steer clear of each other.

Mary Kay was concerned about the rain as her hairdresser was coming over to cut her hair on the patio. Luckily, the rain stopped.

The cicadas are still doing their thing and the days in the yard are coming to a close. The hummingbirds are constantly visiting as they are stoking up for their trip south. It is hard to believe that these tiny things can actually manage to fly all the way to the warm areas of the southern United States and Mexico.

It is 7:39 on Thursday evening and it is about as dark as it is going to be. It is sad how short the days have become. Nonetheless, we are outside after a dinner from a local Chinese restaurant (delivery).

Carpe diem.

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