Mugs and dishes left from the homemade angel food cake and strawberries we had for dessert.

The image I used today in ESL Conversation Hour.

It has been a long day, a profitable day. It has cheerfully not brought any sudden surprises. Of late, surprises have appeared and frankly, they have not always been that welcome.

I did my 10:00 AM Zoom and had a really good session. I always start by warming up and speaking to each individual attendee. Then we take a look at an image from Today, we looked at expressions to use when we cannot remember. I have them read them out for me as I share my screen and they always have a question or two to ask. I write notes on a ‘Pages’ Document and then after the session I e-mail them the notes, converting the Pages’ document to Word as I do so.

After we go over the BBC Learning Moment, I put them in ‘Breakout Rooms’ and give them a question that either I produce or ask one of them for…it works very well. I ask one person in each group to keep track of the conversation and report back at the end of the session.

After that, I did some Hungarian and then after lunch, I attacked the pond.

I unplugged the filter and pump, leaving the aerators that I put in this year still running. I am going to see how that works once winter sets in. I found the two pond warmers that I put in, one to keep a hole in the ice, allowing the somewhat dormant fish to live, the other to serve as a back up in case of failure. I pulled out the filter material and totally cleaned the filter, putting the insides in the sun to dry. I pulled out the pump and cleaned it and put it in the sun as well. I am holding off on the net as the pond is totally covered by water lettuce, water lilies, and water hyacinth.
I am hoping that those will catch the tiny locust leaves that fall and then I can compost them all. Then I shall put a rope above the pond and put a huge net over it to keep the bigger leaves out.

I ended up straightening up the garage as I tried to organize my things. I now have two sons storing things there which only adds to the confusion. I am hoping that maybe when it is not seriously cold that we might be able to social distance a bit in there if we have a heater.

Anyway, I finished up, Mary Kay and I walked the dog, I started a fire in the Weber Grill with charcoal, and we made a delicious dinner.

Now it is cricket time on the patio. The annual cicadas are silent but the crickets are not.

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