Cicadas, crickets, on a cool, windy day that was supposed to be hot

The dining room looks odd with the temporary table as the oak table and chairs are being refinished. The Tolix French chairs help dress up the table a bit as does the French teflon coated tablecloth.

I am writing this post on day 196 of Confinement and MK and I finally stepped into a grocery store. Of course, it is our grocery store of choice, my happy grocery store, Heinen’s. It was the first time since March. We decided on an outing as we had stuff to deliver to our oldest son’s family, things that were left behind after their four and a half month penance of having to live with good old mom and dad. We dropped that off and then went to the grocery store. I had a thirty dollar gift certificate for a delivery from Heinen’s gone bad, we opened up the vacuum packing and almost keeled over. That was a roast that was not to be. We don’t know what happened but Heinen’s took care of it with no problems whatsoever.

I had spent the day that was supposed to be hot and was not, taking care of the rain barrels, turning them over and getting them ready for the winter and also pulling the hoses and storing them (and throwing one out) while replacing them with my newly purchased non-kinking hoses.

The main reason for the foray was to get mums for the yard and we bought four for $20 at Heinen’s and then came home and I took a very large pot that was empty and filled it with three of them. The other mum went into the ground. We now have mums in front of the house. We actually have some mums growing in the ground that are pretty much at the same stage of non-blooming as the ones we bought.

Oh, and if you are from the United Kingdom, no, I did not plant my mother and her clones. Bad teacher joke, sorry for that.

I noticed the cicadas did a short song before the crickets set in. The wind was omnipresent and it seemed all day as if it was going to rain. It did not. The sky was looking polluted and the sun could not even break through whatever the atmosphere seemed to hold.

Mary Kay, Stewart, and I took a walk around the block and well, we called it a day. Lots of things accomplished and we are one step closer to shutting down the outdoor room for the upcoming winter.

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