A restful and busy Sunday

A Deerfield tree done in « Waterlogue »

We were supposed to have a warm weekend. For the most part we did, although Saturday was cool and the sun didn’t poke an eye out at us. We finally noticed that it was attempting to later in the day, but it could not get through the thick skies that prevented its rays from penetrating. Somehow we didn’t hear of pollution and I thought the fires out west were put out.

It seemed as though it was going to rain and this aspect of the weather continued on into Sunday. Sunday, however, was humid and warm.

I did a few things here and there although overall, my idea was to use Sunday as a day of rest. I started out by getting up later than normal, 8:00 AM. I took Stewie for a walk, made coffee, did some Hungarian (Pimsleur during the walk, Duolingo afterward), and then read the New York Times.

Just another day, Day 197, Week 29 as I write this for the post on day 198, Monday.

I did a few things here and there as I continued to prepare our outdoor room and the yard for winter. I trimmed some errant bush growth in the back. The hedges had been trimmed but about twenty sprigs of bush pushed up and looked unkempt. Off they came.

I did some work with the new hoses and put away the hose containers as I will no longer need them. I then went to the woodpile and grabbed a bunch of wood and split the wood to make it easier to start fires and to also use in the fire pit we have now that it might be used in the colder weather.

At four, we went to Wauconda to have a drink and dinner with a good friend and her husband at the lake where they have some kayaks and a boat.

It was a lovely day. In the 70s in the day and then in the late afternoon it was in the low 60s. Typical Chicago weather.

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