Walking the dog

This is what I saw today.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.

It started out freezing. Nonetheless, I dressed too well for the weather in the low forties. I had on jeans and a long sleeve shirt and a wool sweater jacket. I had a cashmere beanie on, one of the things that my bald head tolerates well and uses to keep my whole body warm. It is true that a warm head keeps the body warm, at least in my experience.

I am amazed at how even a buzz haircut is capable of keeping a person warm. Suffice it to say that taking a razor to the pate makes you aware of this.

I walked and got hot and had to take off my hat. One of my goals is to walk the dog and not get warm to the point of perspiring. I am not capable in this regard. I am sensing I will not reach this goal.

We walked one and a half miles.

Later in the day it was in the seventies, low seventies, but the seventies. Stewie and I walked for two miles. We completed it in less than forty minutes and I was warm. I wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt and a baseball cap.

It is funny. Sometimes it is almost as if I resent the walk. Other times I am in ecstasy as I am walking. Today, it was the latter. The trees, bushes, and plants were all changing color. The wind was rustling through the trees and the leaves on the ground were blowing. I was able, for just a few moments, to actually put any worries and issues on the back burner.

It was beautiful.

I did a total of three and a half miles today of dogwalking. I need to learn to love it. It is healthy, it gets me in nature, it gets me out. It makes me forget.

Carpe diem.

Now, let’s get out and vote.

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