The tagine

The tagine is a wonderful implement, a device used in the kitchen to cook delicous meals, meals that originate from Northern Africa, Morocco, in this case.

In our ESL Conversation Hour, I talk to the most interesting group of people.They are from all over the world and some of them are actually in the other part of the world when we have the session. Jardel is in Brazil when we meet and Thao and Tranh are in Vietnam, while Adriana is in Mexico. The rest are new to the United States and we use Zoom to conduct English conversation.

The other day we got on the subject of a favorite food of mine, a food that I first encountered in 1971 while living in Tours (St. Cyr sur Loire, to be specific), France on an academic year abroad. Merguez are a favorite and Naval, a delightful participant originally from Morocco jumped in to help me explain these delicious sausages that are often made with both lamb and beef.

To make a long story short, Naval told me she was going to make me dinner and she made good on her promise by delivering a tagine full of delicious food and two homemade breads. One bread was plain and one with sesame seeds in case we didn’t like sesame seeds (we do!).

So, this Friday evening is going to be one in which we have a delicious dinner, brought to our door, bringing food from northern Africa and more importantly, kindness and caring from a wonderful immigrant to our great country (I am hoping it will be great again).

Thank you Naval. You reaffirm my faith in humanity, that there is empathy and kindness, and nice human beings.We shall all work together to make this a better place.

Meanwhile, let’s get out there and VOTE!

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