I ponded today. I have decided that ponding is my new verb. I pond, you pond, he ponds, etc.

To pond is to work at maintaining a pond. Mind you, mine is man made and has been in our back yard for over twenty years. I was just looking to see if I could find photographic record of it and in 2002, it was there and established. I need to do some more research.

In any case, I pulled out all of the water lettuce and water hyacinths and with them all of the leaves that have already fallen in. I had taken out the pump and the filter weeks ago. Today I installed the pond warmers so that there is a hole in the ice in deep winter to allow the fish to survive, thus allowing evil gases to depart. I have two so that if one fails, the other is there.

My new addition, besides putting in muck treatments by adding a harmless bacteria that eats muck and is safe for fish and animals, is the set of two oxygenators that provide tiny bubbles and supposedly can be used all winter.

I then finished putting the netting over the pond. Luckily, my efforts to have clear water have worked. The water was crystal clear, although a bit cloudy when I was gathering leaves. I am excited to have that done since I really dislike doing it when it is freezing cold.

The fish were all going crazy, reveling in the lack of green cover for the pond, since I had taken it out and composted it.

I also put up the light projector in the front yard so that our Halloween light show can take place. I am feeling that things are under control and going well.

Now if we can just get our country in gear.

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