A clammy, cold day

Yes, it is cold and clammy, at least for now. We had scheduled a social distancing lunch and also a social distancing cocktail moment with friends. The debate is on as to whether or not they will take place; wait is there a Presidential debate on as well tonight? In that case, it is going to be a free for all despite the fact that supposedly they will turn off the microphones to allow the other person to speak without interruption. Meanwhile, socially distanced lunch and cocktails later? We shall see.

Anyway, it was supposed to be warm today. I jumped the gun and yesterday did the work I originally planned for today, doing some house cleaning and then pond maintenance that needed attention before winter. It looks as if that was a magnificent decision. I hate doing stuff like that in seriously cold weather and figured it would be warmer today. Nonetheless, things were nice enough and I found enough time to do them yesterday. I still have one cleaning thing left to do that I deliberately saved for today or tomorrow. I am doing all the floors, ‘swiffering’ them and then swabbing them down with a Pandemic floor mop I purchased. The good news is that I am not under any constraints with that.

When I started writing, at about 7:00 AM or so, there was no noise going on other than the drip of the coffee in the coffeemaker and the pitter patter of the incessant rain that occurred during the night. I had put water in the pond as I saw it seriously low, I am wondering how high it is now that we seem to have had monsoon rains during the night.

I awoke at 6:30 AM and I couldn’t sleep so I got up, did my morning airing routine, and just found my coffee.

All I can think about is VOTING!

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