Debates, moderators, and more rain

I cannot help but think that the moderating disaster of the first debate was something that Chris Wallace had no control over. I have to think that the people setting it up had to have some idea as to what was going to ensue and yet decided to allow it. Why, I don’t know, but frankly there is not a whole lot I understand these days about anything going on politically. Suffice it to say that I am not one to follow the lemmings, I guess, and I am not willing and able to fall under the spell of the fascist leader of the régime. Or maybe something just went awry and the strange charisma he apparently exudes to the point that his followers blindly believe anything that comes out of his mouth, just has no effect on me. I would like to think it is my intelligence that steers me away, but that is clearly no guarantee.

Kristen Welker, who moderated the second debate, was much better and delivered cutting-edge questions to each of the candidates. I was still surprised as there was a certain amount of talking over the other candidate, but it was certainly more acceptable.

One has to wonder if the ‘new bar’ for lack of civility is going to remain with us once the current régime is put out to pasture. One has to wonder how this can be acceptable to so many of the American people. It certainly does not paint us in a good way.

On another note, it is past two o’clock (PM) and I have still not walked Stewart. I am depending on AccuWeather to get out with him as supposedly the rain is ending in several minutes.

I was ready to take him out earlier today and received a text message that lightning had been sighted in our area. Sure enough, we had a storm within minutes that included lightning directly over us.

I was looking at the rowing machine and am thinking perhaps that is a better option today.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, please vote!

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