Storms and cold and clammy fall weather

I am thankful that my Apple watch makes it so easy to find out what the temperature is before I go out with the dog. I am also impressed with the AAA weather service which is always providing me with information about the weather. The other day, in a lull of the incessant rain, I got a message that lightning was on the way in my area. It is a good thing I did not go out as within moments, it had darkened completely and lightning, directly overhead, flashed like crazy.

The temperature, available on my Apple watch, is really helpful in regards to knowing how to dress when I walk the dog, although no matter what I do, I start out cold and end up sweating. I have decided that is just the way it is, if I haven’t figured it out by my late sixth decade, I am not about to soon.

The cold of the day, it is currently at forty-five degrees, is biting because it is a humid forty-five degrees. It is gray and gloomy. I am finding it hard getting my enthusiasm up in order to do anything and am enjoying chilling instead of going crazy doing things.

The son and his family came and picked up their dog, who spent two nights with us. Lincoln was totally spooked by the witch we have who, with a clap or loud noise, will shake her legs, flash from her eyes, and cackle. Lincoln was so spooked that he no longer wanted to sit in his favorite chair by the window. For a bit, he hid under the temporary dining room table (the real one is out being refinished).

Last night, Lincoln nicely slept on a blanket in our room. The previous night, he awakened my wife by knocking on our door. He came in, ran around, tried to get on our bed (he doesn’t sleep on anyone’s bed at home) and then finally settled down. We learned to set something up for him. This is not the first time he has stayed with us, he stayed four and a half months with his family at the beginning of the Pandemic.

Okay, time to finish reading the paper and do some language learning (Hungarian and Spanish).

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