The World is a mess

Yes, cold, gray, and gloomy.

It started out as a sunny day, albeit 29 degrees or so. Despite the cold and the obvious frost we saw everywhere, it was not bad to walk the dog as there was no wind.

The day quickly morphed from the sun into a day in the 40s and very gloomy. By evening, it had started to lightly rain. We were threatened with wind all day long but it never materialized. I think, now that I am posting, that the winds have arrived.

Stewart and I walked about four miles today. We walked one in the morning, which MK attended, as is the latest norm, and then three in the afternoon.

It is one of those fall days where the chill goes right through you. It makes me think of England, where although the temps are not really super low, the humidity makes you think it is really cold and you just cannot get warm.

We have reached a time of the year where we all wonder how we are going to deal with the Pandemic. It is particularly bad in the United States and also in Illinois. MK and I have pretty much cultured a confinement situation but there are so many variables. Even though the elections ended as we wanted, there is no concession and a great fear that the current person in the Oval Office will not leave in an appropriate manner or that he will do horrible things before his departure.

It is a crazy world.

Everything is out of control and the world could go any which way at any moment. Granted, it is always like that and yet the world is currently so akimbo that there are more negative possibilities.

So life goes on and one wonders where this is all headed.

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