I am gobsmacked, it is tragic and sad

Just a few days ago…

I was creeped out this morning as we walked the dog and we saw, in the distance, a jeep covered in American flags and banners, clearly going up and down our suburban streets to intimidate and remind us that there is clearly an element in this country unwilling to accept the results of that voting has provided.

Then I received a major shock via the social media today from someone from my past, responding to a blog post I had put up a few days ago. I have to say that it was very nicely put, which is not usually the case. It asked that I say the rosary and told me that she was clearly happy with and supported the current president because of all of the wonderful things he has done for the American people.

NPR gave me the following statistics that there are over 10,000,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 240,000 people who have died from it. Without even looking at all of the other horrible things that have occurred even from before the inauguration of the current president, this is absolutely unimaginable and unforgivable as little if anything was done to manage the disease and things that might have helped were actually dismantled.

It makes me so sad.

It makes me so sad because I was asked to say the rosary and pray for a church I have put aside because of its abuse of power and for allowing terrible things to go on without acknowledgement or asking for pardon or even any idea of some sort of restitution.

The kool-aid is strong. The irony of it all is that this is a person who taught the same play I did, Rhinocéros, by Eugène Ionesco, in which people fell victim to a situation like that of Nazi Germany.

This is not the best day.

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