A socially distanced dinner with the grandgirls in the time of Pandemic

The girls were ecstatic.

We had decided that on Thursday, that we would put on our masks, get in the car, and go to SuperDawg in neighboring Wheeling.

We did.

The weather went along with it.

We ordered while in the car and when it came, we went to the adjacent picnic tables. We could have eaten in the car, but the weather was in the 50s by then.

We had an amazing time. It was early, yet the sun had gone down.

MK had gone to their house earlier as our son had a Zoom call and he was not feeling his best as he had pulled his back out. MK came back with the girls and they played in the back yard with Stewart while I finished up on the rowing machine, which I had newly brought back from my son and daughter-in-law’s house. No gym for me so luckily I still have my Concept2 Rowing machine. Walking the dog twice a day and rowing for at least twenty minutes.

I finished up, showered, put on my mask, and off we went. We had dinner at SuperDawg, and because we were disappointed by an ice cream dessert that had been had the last time at SuperDawg, we stopped at Culver’s for the granddaughter.

Masks, having a lengthier beard and an attempt at a handlebar moustache poses questions for that. I luckily have found a wonderful mask that allows for the beard and just purchased another for a bearded gent from Spain. I cannot wait for my new mascarilla.

It was a wonderful dinner, but even better to be able to spend time with the grandchildren. This is time that disappears oh so fast as they grow like weeds. I am so thankful that I get to see these two fine young ladies as they are growing up.

If only we didn’t have this complicated situation with the Pandemic.

It is Day 251, Week 36 of our Confinement. We have never really come out of our Confinement. We have been to Trader Joe’s, but no other grocery store. We have deliveries. We have not eaten inside a restaurant in all that time. We do some take out, but that is it.

Life has changed.

Moderna and Pfizer talk about a vaccine. That remains to be seen. There is still more time needed before that starts being used.

Meanwhile, we wait. Government is in chaos, our viral situation is out of control, but let’s not panic. I think the president in command (note the small letter p) wants that. We need to be patient, but diligent, and ride this storm out.

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