Stewart and the croon

Yes, Poor Stewart.

We came back from a nice walk and MK was playing the piano. For Stewart, hearing piano music always sets him to crooning. He cannot help himself; he moans; he howls; he drives MK nuts. She cannot stand it.

For a long time, we thought he was unhappy but I think we finally came to the realization that he is, in fact, happy. Nonetheless, we have gotten creative to give MK piano time. She took piano lessons for some twelve years as a kid and recently, Pandemically, decided to take some refresher lessons. Not that she can’t play because she can pick up a book of music and play immediately, but she decided on some technique lessons.

One thing she found out is that she hates the metronome, something that I had purchased in the late 70s when I took piano from Susan Arron at New Trier High School. I would have lessons during a free period in the Music Building of the school.

Anway, Stewart and I came home from our walk (strategically planned) and even before entering the house, Stewart was crooning. More often than not, when even hearing piano music on the radio or from our Sonos system, he gets to singing.

Aside from that, it was a music day because we decided that my 2008 Subaru needs a better sound system. So, we are going to have installed a sound system that will, besides providing much better sound, also allow me to make phone calls using the system.

I am excited about that.

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