The Horror dissipates and then explodes

The Horror dissipates and then explodes

To me
the beginning
of this nightmare
began with Merrick Garland.

I saw
a dictator wannabe.

I could
not wrap
my head around
why others did not see
the same thing that I saw.

First Merrick Garland,
then the election,
with interference from foreign powers,
and the expected reaction of surprise
and then an expectation
of some reasonable American reaction
died along with my hope.

For some reason,
the man was made of teflon
and despite the horrible things
he did and said,
our situation came to no usual honest reaction or result
and his horrible actions
in his quest for a régime
went unhindered by seemingly
everyone in power.

We stood by and watched.

The malignancy
of the evil
was so strong that it overtook
seemingly good people who drank that kool-aid,
and turned green and rhinoceros-like
in a quest for power and approval
by the Oval Office occupant.

It is hard to watch
the good laws

It is hard to watch
Nature mama’s safety measures taken away
and the environment compromised.

It is hard to watch
the violence
of the systemic racism unleash its evil power
on those who have been mistreated for centuries.

It is hard to watch
the unleashing
of the hatred within those who espouse
white supremacy and to see an Oval Office allowing it to be.

It is hard to witness
and be forced to tolerate
the nasty evil, lies, and deception of our neighbors,
and others around us as they fall victim to a new license
to unleash their anger and bile on those we love.

Stopping at nothing,
only stopping at the limits of their own desire of self-aggrandizement
and narcissism and fearing no repercussions for their negative behavior.

The elections were stressful
and the fear on the part of those of us
who fear the demise of democracy
as the magamobiles parade their ugliness through our towns
and the clear intimidation tactics of the ‘supporters’ and fan base
attempt to keep us from voting

The final tabulation
of the results made it clear
that although there was a huge population fearing the supposed left
that the elections had gone blue.

Blue despite the counts and recounts,
blue in spite of the cries of fraud
blue in spite of the rallies and the lack of concession
and the days marched on.

And blue went the runoff elections in Georgia,
giving the country a clear blue majority,
but its acclaim was lost
in the rally
of the leader of the régime
as he incited his rebels
and they marched to the Capitol.

It is hard and unfathomable
that the Capitol Building was stormed
forcing our representatives and senators
to flee for their lives
with a resulting violence,
one death from a gun,
and three others from resulting health issues,
and less than a dozen being arrested.

It has been asked,
« What would the situation have been like
if the protesters were of color? »

We all know the answer.

It is clear
democracy as we know it is receiving an attempt
to overthrow it in a most imaginative way
and one wonders
if the orange-headed monster
will depart as he should.

He has done everything in his power
to create havoc and to confuse the constituency
and to overthrow the government.

He still continues to get away with things,
making one wonder if justice will be had.

Epiphany it is
as I write this poem.

Merrick Garland, a name from the past
is brought to the forefront
as the Washington Post announced to me
that he is going to be the Biden nominee for Attorney General.

There is a God!

Godspeed my dear country and
let’s all hope
that the transitional moment
happens as it should
in a peaceful way, despite this rocky start.

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Almost seventy something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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