The past few days…horror at the Capitol Building

Are we all in shock?

Despite the fact that I fully expected all of the drama and craziness, it still gobsmacked me. Seeing the storming of the Capitol Building was quite the event. It was particularly scary seeing how easy it was and how it turned into a media event, perfect for selfies. It makes me sad to see our country in a situation unlike anything I have ever experienced. I found it absolutely frightening and I so wonder how this was all pulled off. How is it possible that a police force of 2000 or so was not able to contain the craziness at the doors of our hallowed Capitol Building?

To watch the man incite them, send them off, and then realize that he has pretty much hunkered down somewhere as they do his dirty work, is a sad state of affairs. To think that they actually believe in him when he could not care less about them. It is crazy when you think about it that some people, despite all of the horrible things they do, get away with what that man manages to.

He only thinks about himself and yet they have drunk the kool-aid and think that he is their savior. We, as a nation, have a hell of a lot of work to do to deal with this disenfranchisement of a large segment of our population. In my estimate, we need to take measures to ACTUALLY end the Civil War.

I remember well the Merrick Garland debacle and how Obama was not allowed to have his nominee put forth. It was at that point that I knew something was seriously wrong. To me, it has been downhill since then.

Okay, so he has gotten away with so much, how is it possible that it seems he will get away with this one? How is it possible that no one has invoked the 25th amendment, showing that he is not capable of properly exercising the needs of the office? How can all of his minions continue to get away with their criminality and irresponsibility?

I can only hope, if the 25th amendment is not invoked, that they at least impeach him.

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