Breaded Chicken

Am I the only one experiencing lack of good sleep these days? I don’t want to dwell on the political situation, but I knew, after the election, that it could be a long wait before things got better. That has been the case.

Instead I am going to talk of my Sunday. We got up and I did not walk the dog. I did not do my morning flexibility and calisthenics either, deciding that maybe, just maybe, I should take the day off. I did. I had coffee and did not walk the dog. Okay, we all did but that was later. We had set up the Sunday morning to walk with our oldest son, his wife, two girls, and the dog. We picked up some doughnuts at Deerfields (sic) Bakery and then went over to their house where we carefully peeled off our masks, ate, then put them back on. We then went on an almost two mile walk as it snowed lightly. We walked from their neighborhood adjacent to the Highland Park pool just north of the Fire Station and onto the golf course. It was a great time.

We enjoyed our visit, came home and I went about putting some things away and watering the plants.

Tonight, I am making breaded chicken, something I have not made in over a year and it should be delicious. I fry onions in Crisco and then take the chicken I have breaded in the Hungarian-Austrian-Germanic tradition by coating the chicken with flour, adding garlic powder, salt, and pepper, putting it in a beaten egg wash, and then coating with crushed saltine crackers. I fry it until lightly golden and the put the pieces on racks in the oven for about half an hour. It will be delicious. It has been so long since we have used oil to fry something.

I may even have a glass of wine, something I have done so infrequently of late.

A nice, quiet Sunday…

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