Starved for Normalcy, a poem

Starved for Normalcy

It is only in watching the Inauguration
that I realize how starved I am for normalcy.

To be able to see a human being
who talks to us in actual sentences
and doesn’t rely on the lie or fake news,
is really no longer an accepted standard.

Fact checking
has been de rigueur for the past few years.
Every time we read or watched something,
we never knew how much to believe
when someone made a statement.

Watching the Inauguration
made me tear up so much, I soon realized
that I was starved for normalcy.

Normalcy has returned.

A commentator mentioned that all we want
out of a new president is
Boring is what I want,
I don’t want to have to constantly question what I am hearing,
I don’t want to see a lack of response and leadership to bad things,
I want to see someone take a stand and do something
and not let four hundred thousand of us get wiped out
just because there is no perceived problem.

When our new president spoke to us today
I got all choked up,
so starved was I for that normalcy
of a real human being
speaking to us of real issues and
how we were going to deal with them
instead of sweeping them under the rug
and pretending they don’t exist.

I am so tired
of the double standard,
of a person who occupies the office and who seems to deliberately
do things that are wrong
and then get away with them,

He who shall not be named,
the Voldemort of presidents,
made many of us fear for our lives
as he seemed a dictator wannabe and following in the footsteps
of World War II and other fascism.

I want boring.
I want the hint of a stutter.
No more bullies.
No more leaders with lackeys and cronies.
Normalcy, truth, empathy, kindness, and a desire
to improve the lives and well-being of all Americans, whether
Red or Blue, Republican, or Democrat.
No more leaders pretending to represent the downtrodden
and the disenfranchised,
when in fact they truly despise them.

If boring is normalcy, that is what we want and need.

About Richard Koerner

Almost seventy something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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