Day 351 and week 51 of Confinement

Lego blocks from our three boys. Not just Legos, however, there is one small container of Lincoln Logs and one of an Erector Set.

It is one of those days.

My arm, newly jabbed with Moderna is feeling better. It feels less like a an arm punched than it has since the evening of my first dose of anti-COVID-19.

It is thirty-nine degrees Fahrenheit or about four degrees Celsius. It is slightly foggy out and the snow is continuing to melt.

The ants that have plagued us mainly since the beginning of the Pandemic, no joke, are starting to return in bigger numbers. They are to be found in several different areas of the house. They have been with us all winter, but sluggish and extremely few in numbers. Usually, you would only see one, for example, in the family room on a table. That sighting would be a random one and you would go for days before seeing another one. Or you might see two on the lower level powder room floor. The higher we go in the house, the less likely one is to see them. We are at a point where we may have to have professionals in. Despite our relatively effective ant traps, they continue. Maybe that is the way it is.

I was successful in locating our Lego blocks. It is clear that with the Pandemic, that our grandchildren are spending less time here. Two of them are not visiting at all, we have not seen them since November, and the other two are here on a very limited basis. There is no reason for the Lego blocks to go unused since there is decidedly an interest in them. Our only interest is that they get shared among the grandkids.

It is day 351 of week 51 of our Confinement. It is hard to believe that a confinement that we expected to be less than six weeks has gone on this long and it is equally harsh information to share that due to the negligence of a national government gone haywire, that we have lost more than half a million people thus far in the United States. That number is more than we lost in all major world wars and Viet Nam. That is a sad statement and meanwhile the perpetrator of such crimes, that man who shall not be named with the orange look, seems to have once again escaped relatively unscathed.

Okay, time to get moving. I have a dog to walk, a breakfast to eat, and a day to enjoy as it is a free day sans Zoom!

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