Thoughts of Rincón and Puerto Rico

Stewart is not on the landing this morning, but he is curled up near my feet, patiently awaitng my movement…

It is that time of the year.

It is that time of the year when you look outside, you see the blue sky, the sun, and you know it is really cold out there, and you wonder…you wonder when the spring shall come.

You also wonder, if you live in the midwest, whether or not that spring will actually be spring. You wonder if it will be a taunting, seasonal switch whereby the real spring never makes an appearance. A real spring in the midwest, at least to my recollection, is a rare occurrence. Usually, we go straight from the winter right into the summer. The weather doesn’t skip a beat, it just radically changes immediately.

Having a spring as I did, back in college, whereby you have days and days of pleasant weather, so pleasant that I used to plan my spring quarter to be just a bit less rigorous academically, so that I could profit from the good weather. Good weather it really was in the foothills of the Appalachians, with the dogwood and the redbuds blooming on the adjacent hills. The frisbees were flying and everyone was out in t-shirt and shorts to soak up the warmth that was finally upon us.

That does not usually happen in the Chicago area.

Last year, we actually had a long, extended spring which makes me wonder how possible it would really be to have two in a row.

Last spring was beautiful, and good thing for that, because just as we were about to embark upon a long awaited trip to Puerto Rico, our hopes were dashed as we realized that it just was not prudent. So that beach vacation whereby we were spending time in a rental home on the beach in western Puerto Rico in Rincón was nothing more than a thought. We had hoped that, perhaps, that time where we would be staying with our son and daughter-in-law and their family on a beach might come to pass in 2021, but given the way it is, that is not happening. This spring, MK and I are just happy that we have had our first shots of the vaccine and hope that they prove to be as helpful as promised.

It is day 354 and Week 51 of our Confinement. Who would have thought?Okay, time for a dog walk…

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