Unseasonably cold weather in Chicago, quelle surprise!

I cannot wait to get these citrus trees outside.

I had a bit of surprise this morning. I was shocked on April Fool’s day to find that the weather was in the 20s and below freezing, but for some reason, when I looked at the forecast, I thought I discovered that today would be different.

It was not.

It was freezing! Not that that is unusual. I did note the other day that on April 21st, a few years ago, that it snowed. My mother always told me that my sister, who was born in May of 1947, was born in a month where there had been snow. I just researched it and there is no record of any snow in May of 1947 in Cleveland on any day. I guess my memory is off.

Okay, with further research, I found out that May 11, 2020, it was reported that .2 inches of snow fell at Cleveland-Hopkins Airport, making it the latest date on record for a snowfall in Cleveland. That is impressive.

Nonetheless, despite the blue sky and the intense sun, it is very cold.

I did not enjoy having to wear, for the second day in a row, my huge mittens that I wear whenever the temps are below 32 degrees. My fingers, especially those of my right hand, get cold. My mittens barely work to hold the retractable leash that I have for Stewie. I am lucky that he is not a runaway-type dog. Add into that that I often have a bagful from Stewie that is hard to hold and I end up attaching it to the mittens.

I was hoping to get a few things done outside but when it is this cold, that is not on top of my list. I wanted to set up the rain barrels, but that will have to wait for another day. I am hoping that the water lilies that I purchased arrive as I already have their container and I want to plant the new ones and put the one currently growing into the better planter as well.

It looks as if this will be a beautiful Easter with what I deem to be the correct temperature and sunlight. We shall see. We are deserving, given the year we have just come through, not to mention the four years of lack-of-leadership-forty-five (I am trying to be kind). Deep down, I want to see him behind bars.

Okay, not complaining here because the sun is out and the sky is blue and I did manage to get in a three mile walk with Stewie.

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