Easter Sunday rolls into Easter Monday

It is about 8:00 PM on Easter evening. We just finished our al fresco dinner of steak, shrimp, salad, asparagus, garlic bread, and tater tots. It was delicious and the venue even better. The best part was dessert: a homemade cherry pie.

I cleaned up the patio just enough to use it. The outdoor fireplace was begging to devour the mulberry wood from a tree our son cut down. We had all sorts of little twigs and pieces that are perfect for an outdoor fireplace. I did a little reading up on mulberry wood to find that it is an unsung wood hero for the fireplace and clearly hard to find. It burns hot and easily. The tree was dead for some time so it did not need to age.

The day was drop dead gorgeous. It was seventy-five degrees in the mid afternoon and not your usual Easter. It was truly on the edge of being unseasonably warm, but we were not complaining. A usual Easter would have us all together. We were just three, having delivered our Easter goodies yesterday, seeing just two of our grandchildren. For the other two, we left, as usual, the goodies on the front porch table. The Pandemic and its ramifications have made us all pay a huge price.

We made the best of it.

I tried not to overdo it, something I am, well, not good at. I had several things in mind, the main one being the installation of the rain barrels that I had taken apart and overturned. That did not take long. My issue is that along the way on a job like that, I find other things that need my attention. Thus, I took all of the children’s furniture being stored in the playhouse and put it into storage in a Rubbermaid storage unit behind the garage. I vacuumed the playhouse and washed the porcelain tile floor well before installing my three citrus trees and the Passion Flower. I intend to use the playhouse this year to ease the plants into the summer. I imagine that I will put the hibiscus with them tomorrow. Clearly, the playhouse seems to be totally beyond being used by the grandkids. That makes me sad.

The pond is doing well and I am waiting for a new arrival, a red-pink water lily that I am going to plant in a new container along with the salmon pink water lily I have. I am also being very pro-active in keeping the water clear and I have a several step program which takes in good bacteria that is used to keep the water looking clear.
It is harmful neither to the water, the plants, nor the fish.

It is time to go in. It has been a glorious Easter with the forsythia and daffodils in full bloom and the tulips soon to follow.

My dog walk, on this Easter Monday, is so unseasonably warm, albeit in the 60s, that I saw a shirtless jogger. Hard to believe.

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