Harvesting my grass…

I am guessing that many people will think that I am working with marijuana. Although I went to a party school with many drugs and pot smoking in the late sixties and early seventies, somehow I avoided both the partying, the drugs, and the pot.

I am talking here about the thing that lawns are made of…

Here, malbor or perhaps many a person, might say that what I call a lawn, is in fact, not. I have a compilation of green plants: clover, grass, and a weed here and there, that work together in an ecological way to create an okay green space. Much to the dismay of malbor who calls violets weeds, I have given up my struggle with them. They are, after all, the state flower of Illinois!

I have struggled with the back yard as it has had a tendency to flood, something that my composting and dirt adding has made much better. Having had work done like the patio and sidewalk next to the garage has wreaked havoc and well, with the lawn, but helped the water issues. Between the kids and the dogs, it has been hard to have a perfect lawn. My goal is a pleasant green that is devoid of dandelions, which happen to be one of my few target weeds. I have to admit that they are good for bees and the environment and terribly healthy to eat, but I dislike them.

I wanted a safe, non-chemically made lawn. I got it! Malbor, who suffers from COPD, loves his chemicals and I cannot help but think that it has not made his disease easy.

So, today, this fifth day of April, 2021, I went and harvested my plugs of grass. The casual reader might think that I actually planted this grass (and maybe I did via the wind attacking my dropped grass seed), but I did not. I find grass mysteriously growing, all the time, between the cracks of the brick sidewalk.

So, today I got on my hands and knees, something I still do for scrubbing floors as well. I harvested it, slowly yanking the plugs out and placing them on a tray.

It is a win/win. The sidewalk looks better and the lawn has one more chance to fill in its ranks! I will report back.

I then planted the plugs as the sky was gray and threatening and I even felt the drop of drizzle. Luckily, even if it doesn’t rain,

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