Following in Monet’s footsteps

The established water lily.

On Wednesday, I woke up late.

My sleeping habits, for the last months, have been strangely off. That is something that is truly foreign to me. Yes, I have the periodic, off night, when I wake up and need to read before getting back to sleep. But, for the most part, I sleep well.

Not for the last months, as I have said.

I am fully vaccinated and almost two weeks beyond the second dose. Is that part of my relief, perhaps? That, and also the fact that the old régime is no longer? This is not to say that we are out of the woods. It is clear that America has huge, unresolved issues. These are in my head, issues that go back to the Civil War and somehow have not been dealt with. The previous régime unwittingly unleashed pent up angers and frustrations and a sick violent streak of our country came out and did some heavy damage. Now, getting back to normal is what we need. The question is how to deal with the backlash, racism, and hatred that has come forth. Is it perhaps a strange blessing, and I cannot believe that I am saying this, that it happened and that we shall be forced to, once and for all, undo the deadly curse on the American people?

So, my sleeping has been interrupted numerous times and I wake up some time in the early morning, and of course have to go to the bathroom, but usually I get back to sleep, albeit, not always easily. I am forced to ‘Zen’ myself, control my breathing and attempt to slow down my heart beat.

I do think that the régime of 45 was at issue, as was and are the problems related to the populism issues world-wide, but then the Pandemic came to be and brought with it not only the viral issues, but strife within our own family that are still causing problems. There is much going on.

So this morning, I woke up at 8:00 AM, despite my normal wake up time being around 6:30 and I was slower to get moving. I came home, and for some reason view this as an omen, the water lily that I had ordered and yesterday questioned of the company as it wasn’t in the package I got from them, arrived today via FedEx. I planted it before my Zoom and right after an al fresco breakfast.

Monet’s garden here I come! I only wish. Now I shall have two water lily plants and not one. Maybe my sleep issues are behind me!

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