A Great Way to do business: House Specialties

A good friend of ours recently told of us a handyman service. In my life, due to our situation, I ended up learning how to do all sorts of things that I had never learned before. Most of our marriage, I have done exactly that. I have learned how to do a little electrical, a little carpentry, a lot of painting, and even a little plumbing, that is, before I was told I could never plumb again. I guess my swearing and our son having picked up on it were the cause of that change in my duties. I never, ever, regretted not having to do plumbing.

Recently, I bought a new fixture for the main bathroom. I went about putting it up and after finally getting the old fixture down. I realized I might just be a slight bit over my head. This time, I decided to admit it. I had done the YouTube to figure out that I needed a rubber mallet (or their suggestion of a shoe) to tap the glass and then turn it counter-clockwise to get it off. My issue was that I had to turn off the electricity and then manage to hold a relatively heavy fixture perfectly in place and then screw it in. I got everything done, even had placed storage boxes up high to help hold the fixture in place for its final attachment. I almost made it, but at the last moment, when I figured out that the cockeyed electrical box that was almost too far in the ceiling for the screwing in, was making it too hard.

Time to call House Specialties. Thanks, Diane and Ralph, the recommendation was a sound one.

First, I was impressed by the sound communication coming from Lightning Atkinson, the owner. He said they were heavily booked, but he would try to fit me in. He told me the basic price, and I added another task in, putting the new kitchen sink hose in, which looked like (and was!) a painfully difficult situation under the sink. He said Wednesday or Thursday. He would contact me later and finalize plans.

On the day chosen, I received a text or two and arrival was exactly when expected. Ryan, the employee, arrived, a cheerful and congenial young man who proceeded to do the job at hand. It was one of those situations where he and I agreed that we had a lot in common thought-wise. I sent him off with a bottle of Wisconsin cherry soda and a root beer.

The next day, I received an e-mail with the bill and an extremely easy method of paying by credit card. I contacted Lightning and told him that Ryan was amazing and I loved the way everything was handled, especially the clear communication and explanations. He responded to me with a thank you for having ‘reviewed’ his employee and praised him for his work and ethics.

It was all topped off with the thank you card seen at the top of this post. I am sold on this handyman group and have already contacted him about some other ideas I need help with.

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  1. Priya says:

    Your kind and support for others always inspire us. And your writing too.
    Happy to read this.

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