Hot and sweltering thoughts

Today was one of those days when it seems that all goes to hell in a handbasket, as they say.

I got up to landmines posted by Stewart who was clearly out of sorts in the way he feels. He was acting strange before bed, needing to go out more than once, but as he was true to himself during the night, we heard nothing. He has never been a good one to tell when he needs to go outside.

So, I woke up to that. I pulled out the Bissell carpet cleaner made for the events of which I spoke. I shall leave it at that and avoid TMI.

I ended up taking Lincoln for a walk on this already sweltering day, not thinking it was a good move for Stewie. Stewie had a few days like this several weeks ago. We put him on pumpkin and things cleared up. This spring has been one in which I have caught him browsing more than once on the grass, munching here and there. Other than that, however, he seems just fine, maybe a little listless, but the heat is such that I think he shall spend most of the day in the cooler interior.

My other two annoyances? WordPress and my Apple watch… Last evening, I wanted to make a simple edit on a posting I had made and found out that given the new way WordPress seems to work on my iPad that it was next to impossible. I ended up reposting and then finally figuring out how to remove the original. I am surprised about this as it has never been hard to edit and update a posting.

My Apple watch is still being worked on… for months I have been unable to update its IOS as I am told that there are too many apps on it. The odd thing is that I basically use it very simply and have removed as many apps as I can. No matter what I do, it is the same problem, I have too many apps to update. So last evening I noticed that it said that perhaps I needed to disconnect it from my iPhone and reinstall the software. I started several hours before bed and well, I am still at it. During the night, when my iPhone was sitting next to my Apple watch, its screen went dark and the process stalled. As of right now, it is taking forever for the installation and I seriously wonder if it is going to happen at all. It is approaching ten in the morning.

I have seriously enjoyed my watch and I believe I have used it for almost three years. I am wondering where this will go, I have way too many watches in the first place.

Okay, time to Zoom. Yesterday, I got a message from a frantic attendee wondering why she could not participate. We took the day off. Oh well…

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2 Responses to Hot and sweltering thoughts

  1. Randy Harnicker says:

    I might be able to assist with your Apple Watch if you’re still having issues. Let me know.

  2. Thanks, Randy. I googled it, turned off my iPhone, turned it back on, and it jump started the process. It works!

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