Hot and Hazy

Freshly groomed Stewart in the heat. I have his pool all set for him to cool off.

It is very hot and very hazy. Those who have allergy and/or lung issues are not having a good time. In these days, malbor has been pretty much non-existent. Not that I want people to suffer, but I understand the frustration of those who have to deal with extremely disturbed, hateful, narcissistic individuals who wreak havoc in so many peoples’ lives and bully their way through everything. Most importantly, it seems that they almost always get away with it. Their feelings of righteousness are absolutely frightening and their treatment of others is at the level of evil. How and why they do not get any help is beyond my ability to think.

We are having a calm Sunday. My only sadness is that we shall not get into the pool today. We are dog sitting and I have already set up a rope to place the retractable leash I have so that Mr. Wiener is not able to escape. Despite our very nice fence, he is so small that he managed to get out last time and MK had to chase him down the street. I have a rope strung up which the retractable leash can move along on. No matter what we do, Mr. Wiener manages to somehow get caught up, though

I want to finish this up and clean off the patio as well as maybe read the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

I have searched for our fat Monarch caterpillar who I think has hung it all up and maybe made the chrysalis. I don’t see him/her anywhere. I didn’t know that they do not put their chrysalis on the milkweed and had returned him/her to the milkweed before moving him/her back to the spot where I had found him, two meters away by the back door.

Okay, the heat is up and I have things to do…

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