Fourteen Seasons: Heartland

Sometimes one watches a program that one does not expect to watch.

Hallmark is not one of my favorite channels, I am just saying…

Heartland is a program of fourteen seasons, found in Canada, and one of the most popular Canadian series of all times.

We just finished watching the fourteenth season, one that had us purchasing, temporarily, a strange streaming app, in order to do so. I canceled it immediately afterward. We also just found out that a fifteenth season is going to be filmed. We shall watch that as well, once it comes out for us.

The program is pretty much a family program and I would put it one notch better than a Hallmark film. Okay, maybe two… I liked it for several reasons: the focus on the western part of Canada, a small town in Alberta. It is based upon a series of books by Lauren Brooke and features a family: Amy Fleming, her older sister Lou as they live and work at the family ranch, Heartland. They live there with their loving, widowed grandfather, Jack Bartlett, their father (who arrives a bit after the first episodes) Tim Fleming, and a hired hand named Ty Borden.

It is the longest, one hour, scripted drama ever in Canadian television history.

Amy Fleming is kind of a horse whisperer, something she takes from her genetics as her deceased mom was exactly like her and often she refers to her mom’s journals for wholistic ways of dealing with the psychology and the ailments of horses. There is diversity in the characters and they are dealing with all sorts of everyday issues, be they personal or environmental. We started watching this program on Netflix, if I am not mistaken, and I think it may be available on Amazon Prime.

The first few episodes were slow and I was not sure I would want to continue but by the middle of the first season, we were hooked. If you want something to watch that is light, yet good, this is the one. The horses alone and the countryside of western Canada make it even more worth it.

Don’t miss it!

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