Chagall window at the Chicago Art Institute.


I have fascinating dreams yet, like most people, I cannot remember them. I keep hearing that I should jot them down right away, but I am always too selfish to lose any extra sleep. I usually wake up more than once and want to instead hit the hay once more.

Last night I somehow ended up in Australia. Of note, however, is that nobody had an Australian accent, which is one that I like. I recall being in a very strange car, a very expensive one, but for whatever reason I didn’t recognize the brand. It was stranded in the middle of a very large boulevard and I was not my usual self and not frantic at all about the situation. It had a huge, strange, trunk area, and it opened oddly, with strange Technology, and I did have things to put in. When I finally got in, the dream was done.

Another part of the dream involved one of my sons. I went into the garage, a subject of my dismay as although the garage is a good size, it is a terrible garage, sided with vinyl (now) over composite, what we used to call buffalo board. The board was stained and well, dissolving right in front of us. The garage was clearly not of the vintage of our house, built in 1953 or so, and was clearly put up later. It is a very deep two car garage and serves as garage and basement, since I don’t have a basement. Anyway, add into all the other issues it has, the concrete floor was clearly not done well and has huge fissures that used to fill up with leaves and dirt. I finally got smart, bought special flooring that is pieced (well) in the center, and that can be easily cleaned. Anyway, I had walked into the garage to find that our son had brought in power equipment, had sanded the floor down in the high spots so that it was totally flat and had filled in the cracks and it was painted to look great. It looked amazing. I think that is a good omen.

Oh, dreams!

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