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2021 – NOW

I have been carefully watching the flowers next to the fence. For years I have dealt with trying to beautify the area. I cannot believe how many plants I have tried growing here over the years. I have gone from sedum to coneflowers to the phlox that volunteered there. Last year, toward the end of the season, things went from beautiful to bad. This year, I have nary a flower nor a weed to deal with.

Mary Kay has not always agreed with me as she thinks I am buying into some crazy plot of malbor’s. Nonetheless, over the years, we have had many different flowers that have come and gone. It would depend on all sorts of things. This IS the first year where I cannot get one single plant to grow beyond about three inches. Last year’s beauty is totally gone and there are a few coral bells, no coneflowers, and the rest is maybe a wild violet or two, but they have NOT bloomed.

Malbor took out all of the soil on his side of the fence and put in some strange, ugly, red volcanic type stones that he finds decorative. Originally, the DMZ, otherwise known as the plot of land between our driveways, had white marble stones that turned brown very quickly, never looked nice, and that I finally removed. I am soon to return to putting our coffee grounds on the area to maybe help offset the poison that malbor is clearly pouring on his stones.

One would think that if one had COPD, that dealing with lawn and garden chemicals would not be a good thing. As it happens, Mr. Monsanto has been out very little taking care of the poisoned property. Ironic that I would have a Monarch butterfly Waystation in our yard.

Anyway, the proof of what he is doing is shown in the pictures from 2020 and 2021. I am just counting the days…

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