Redo…the poisoned fence…

It is hard to tell, and I will get some small, more floral plants to go in between, but I now have a place for my citrus and hibiscus.

I just need to be vigilant.

Yesterday, I posted my issues with flowers next to our fence. It is just enough dirt to look as if it needs something. I have tried sedum, coral bells, phlox, coneflowers, some of which just came from volunteers. The volunteers are few and far between this year. The poppies no longer came, the coneflowers disappeared as did, apparently, the phlox. I cannot believe how much I have transplanted there over the years.

It is clear, there is poison in the soil and I have to wait until it departs.

This is just a small part of the driveway, the part within our gate. I still have sedum growing on the rest of it, but it too has suffered the poison routine. It is a bit more difficult to poison on the rest as malbor has grasses growing on his half, a DMZ that he even divided almost completely with a steel divider. That IS how crazy he is.

In the past, he used to give us tomatoes when he had an overload. Then, one day, something turned in his brain and he became angry and we became the focal point of his anger at the entire world.

Periodically we hear him screaming at his wife and other family members. His fifty something son also lives with him as does his wife. For the most part, it is contained within the house that only recently, because of his COPD, has been more open. It is not enough to call the police.

When MK reached out to his wife, he overheard and that was part of the beginning of his anger. Now, he is angry at me since I don’t

Thank you all for your brilliant idea to put some potted plants there.

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