Day One of a quick getaway: Rowley’s Bay in Door County, Wisconsin

Vermont was the original trip but somehow it morphed into Door County. Vermont is still on our list but just temporarily sidelined.

For days beforehand, I had put things aside as I thought of what I needed and what I didn’t need. On the day of, we had planned to first finish up our packing, put the kayak on the rack and tie it down, breakfast, do my only planned Zoom of the week, and then go to the doctor’s office and get our flu shots. While I was Zooming, we got the call that our shots were canceled and put off until next week and so instead I gathered up the dog and took him to our son’s and daughter-in-law’s house for a few day stay.

About a four hour trip or so, it was uneventful and I was pleased that I could look through the sunroof and see that the kayak was safe and unmoving. I am happy with the new, Yakima kayak rack as it folds over the car’s side where you can put it while strapping it in and then use the rack to lift it up on the roof and then lock it in. It is a good system. My only annoyance with it is that although the Subaru Outback is meant for kayaks and such, this rack required Mary Kay to make beanbags to prevent the rack from damaging the side of the car when you fold it down. Fortunately, bean bags are easy to make and it was a simple way to solve a dumb, dumb problem. Maybe I should make a video explaining it for other people who would otherwise not use the Yakima Showdown.

We arrived at destination, about 4:00 pm, pretty much as we thought we would after a little over four hour trip with the final destination of Rowley’s Bay. The house on Crescent Lane is actually on the bay and in a bay within the bay, a protected bay on the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula housing Door County. The house is technically in Ellison Bay. The place is in need of some updating, but it is fine and although the windows were a bit tight and less than willing to open, the site of the house and the one lane drive through forest to get to it is memorable. The waves lapping up on the rocks are wonderful.

We quickly settled in, removed the kayak from the rack, and went into Sister’s Bay for dinner before going to a play in an outdoor theatre we had never heard of before. Our son and his wife found it in on their trip to Door County last week: Northern Sky Theatre in Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek. We saw « Whatever happened to Carl Janko, » a new play (as apparently all of the plays done here are, about a young man who has everything going for him and disappeared some thirty or so years ago, never to be seen again. Foul play is pretty much ruled out, however. The stage is an amphitheatre, deep in Peninsula State Park and it was quite enjoyable. As we departed, we were asked to give a buck each to support the continuation of the theatre, something we all did.

We drove back carefully on very dark roads, winding through almost uninhabited portions of northern Door County. We shall see how tomorrow, Tuesday, plays out.

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