Day 2 of our Door County trip, first full day

The humidity is caught on the phone camera this morning.

Okay, I hadn’t slept as well as expected and I might even blame the caramel corn that we bought at the wonderful Door County Creamery in Sister Bay. Jimmy’s popcorn it was and we also bought some St. Albans and some Mimolette cheese. I just cannot hold myself back from French but we did buy some of their goat cheese. Goat stuff is very popular in Door County. Al Johnson’s Restaurant in Sister Bay comes to mind with turf and goats as roof and roof mower. We still haven’t tried our cheeses as we had lunch at Wild Tomato Pizza in Sister Bay. While at Wild Tomato, we shared a huge salad that we could not possibly finish, cheese curds, the Wisconsin hors d’oeuvre, and a glass of chianti. We attempted to eat little as we are going to a fish boil later in Ephraim, at the Old Post Office, my favorite meal of our last trip to Door County and I did not have the whitefish, I had fried chicken! I am pretty much a total landlubber, exceptions: mussels (because mine are so big, bad joke), calamari, shrimp, octopus, and soft shell crab.

Anyway, the house still pretty much wreaked of closed cottage and it lasted pretty much through the night despite our open window policy. There was a storm toward the early morning and it has created quite large waves all day. I am finally seeing some people out on kayaks. I, as of yet, have abstained from doing that as we were out and about all day.

While in Sister Bay, we went into a store where they had a summer hat MK has been searching for and well, I held myself back because I wanted one of everything in this haven of cool outdoor clothing going from KÜHL to Pendleton. I, frankly, don’t need any, but… We did stop at an outfitter’s place that looked like a Wisconsin version of Ron Jon’s surf shop and we ended up buying two new chairs for carting around that are based on current tent technology and come apart with ripcord connections and folds down into a bag that is longer than an Oatmeal container but not as wide. It also has no weight, no joke, at least so little that when you pick it up you are shocked. Bad joke here: it is made, as I said, with shock cords. We tried the lavender shop that Mikey, our youngest, told us about but we were clearly not in the mood.

The Wisconsinites are not a mask wearing people, just saying. When we go inside, we mask up. Only people from other states do that here.

We took a walk before going to an early dinner by walking to Grandma’s Bakery in Rowley’s Bay (not open until Thursday) and clocked a just under two mile walk there and back. Pretty good for MK and her two bionic knees.

Dinner was good. The skies were threatening but nothing occurred. We attempted (barely) to get a fire going in the fire pit, but apparently the wood was too well soaked by the rains and it ended up smoldering away.

We sat in the living room as the bugs were biting outside and read our books

Tomorrow, I am hoping to get that kayak going…

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