Day 3 of our trip to the Door County Peninsula

No, this is not Mackinac island…this is Ephraim in Door County, Wisconsin.

I forced myself to stay in bed until about 8:00 am. It was not easy, nor have I been sleeping well anyway.

It was a beautiful day. MK and I were planning on taking it easy. We cut up some fruit and coffee cake we had brought along with some French Press coffee. We have a Lexan coffee press that is meant for travel or camping and brought along with us. We decided to have our breakfast in the lower area of the house, where the kitchen is. The kitchen and basement area has a bathroom and a fireplace and the garage is next to it. The actual front of the house is on the other side and requires walking up to. We finally decided to eat right off the kitchen on the picnic table with a view of the bay.

I then finished up my daily Hungarian and blogged and we set up to slowly get the kayak down the rocks to the water. That was a feat as the rocks were not very stable. There was a flagstone path but even that was not stable, especially the first stepstone. We decided to just take it slowly and we ended up moving slightly off the path as we approached the water as there was more gravel than large, slippery, slimy green stones.

I had everything I needed, the sun was out, we finally got it into the water and luckily neither of us slipped. I saw more than one two inch leech in the water so having my feet in that water was less than pleasant. I set out soon to leave our bay within a bay. I had not kayaked the previous day because of the waves. This was a relatively calm day and I wanted to explore the bay, but also get into the area of the Mink River. I did and I had a wonderful time as I saw few people and the Zen of the moment was almost overwhelming.

All in all, I did about 3 miles of kayaking and took about an hour. The rest of the day, we enjoyed a glass of wine with fresh cheeses we had bought as well as fresh fruit. In the early evening, we went to Fish Creek to see the Peninsula Players Theatre and the play «Romance in D » written by James Sherman. It was nothing short of delightful and the theatre venue quite striking.

Overall, it was a great day.

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