Day 4 of our time in Door County

I was a bit disappointed when I woke up on Thursday morning to the sound of wind and the high waves that were lapping noisily against the rocky beach. That meant that a quick trek on the kayak was not happening as I wasn’t about to fight the waves of Lake Michigan even if it was just in Rowleys Bay.

We went for breakfast to Grandma’s Swedish Bakery at the Rowleys Bay Resort. There we purchased some cardamom rolls, cinnamon rolls, and pecan rolls. We didn’t eat all of it as we are saving the cinnamon rolls for Friday morning before our departure. It is feeling like all too soon, but we have things to do and I have a new Conversational French class on the following Monday.

The day, as mentioned, was windy and sunny, and the winds built up even more as the day progressed. I am writing this on Thursday evening and the waves are making a large amount of noise.

We then headed into Peninsula State Park to meet a good friend of Mary Kay’s from high school. We met at the Eagle Tower, a redo of a tower that we had climbed up years ago and, memorably, locked our keys in our car. This one now has a long ramp that we used to get to the top on a relatively gentle incline.

Following that, we came up north to show our friend where we were staying, relaxed a bit, and then headed into Bailey’s Harbor for lunch at the Harbor Fish Market and Grille.

We had a lovely day and we sauntered home, hoping to find the farm and produce, but Subaru GPS had other plans for us and somehow screwed everything up. We got back, settled in and prepared for a quiet evening.

Tomorrow, sadly, homeward bound…

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