Day 5 and the return home

Returning home is always bittersweet.

We were happy to get home and sleep in our own bed. I must admit that with the lack of noise, just hearing the Lake Michigan surf, and being in the middle of the nowhere, in the dark, and in a house with many different doors and lack of nearby neighbors, it was a little odd. I think normally, it would not have been much of a deal but it has been a crazy week.

On Wednesday morning, while in Door County, the 15th of September, 2021, we heard that our ordeal with the neighbors was over. I am leaving it at that. As welcome a word as that was, it also was an emotion tinged with sadness as well that it ever even got to that point and that people were incapable of stopping it. Hatred is never pretty.

Tuesday was the only day that I got out on the kayak, but must say that the kayaking was a huge success. We managed to use the new Showdown kayak rack despite our understanding that it would not work on the Outback. Thank you to Mary Kay for homemade beanbags. We were able to maneuver through slippery rocks to get the kayak in the water and I was able to get as far as the Mink River Estuary. We did tell the real estate group handling our rental that the only thing that might prevent us from coming up again is the terrible patch from the land into the lake. It was bad enough that the lake there has huge, slippery rocks covered with green slime and leeches visible, but the terrible rocky situation to even maneuver there makes launching a water vehicle quite tough.

We got home quite quickly on a beautiful, cool, sunny day, to find our home bathed in extemely high temperatures and weather heading into storms. We were happy, however that our eldest granddaughter was going to be staying with us for a few days and that makes homecoming even sweeter.

Our front door is repaired, but our driveway gate is kaput, the strong cedar post having rotted out at the bottom. It went on Monday. We really don’t need it for Stewart anymore, but we do for the grandpuppies and so we are putting that to them to help us come up with a reasonable option as apparently, we cannot use the old, strong, heavy gate, but have to fully replace it. The first quote was $2000.

The cool arrived here last night with a pretty crazy storm that happened at the end of our outdoor dining with our granddaughter. Luckily, we were under a strong canopy. The Pandemic has wreaked havoc, but has decidedly improved outdoor dining.

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