Thursday morn and a Marriott play: ‘The World Goes ‘Round’


I was a bit disappointed when I got up to do my morning routine that it was dark outside despite the time seen on the clock. Within moments, a downpour manifested itself and I realized that Stewart and I were going to be on a modified schedule.

It is just past 8:30 am and it is still very dark and gloomy outside and there is water everywhere. The patio is somewhat under water and there are puddles everywhere. I let Stewie out to do his business and will hopefully take him for a walk after my morning Zoom. I wonder about the status of the Des Plaines River as we have had a lot of rain.

Yesterday was a busy day for those of us who are retired or pretired. I had the usual morning things. Some work was done on the post replacement so that we can have a gate again for our canine family members and the bricks were reglued on the front stoop so that we don’t kill ourselves or anyone attempting to deliver something.

At one o’clock, we went to the Marriott Lincolnshire for a play, if you could call it that: ‘The World Goes ‘Round.’ It was not so much of a play as a collection of wonderful song and dance numbers from Kander and Ebb. My first thought was, who are these people? As it turns out, we SHOULD know them as they were multi-talented as a composer (the former) and lyricist (the latter). 

The show was extremely well done and the singers were gifted, the choreography impressive, and the show a non-sleeping event for yours truly. 

On another note, here are some observations on life in the time of Coronavirus. We chose Wednesday afternoon to go and well it was very, very old. I don’t have an issue with that, we are not exactly all that young, but there were more people than I would have liked there. More than one person had to be reminded to put on the mask and wear it properly. I actually signaled one of the theatre workers to point out two people blatantly sans masques across the theatre. The person sitting next to MK and his wife kept pulling theirs down off their noses or not wearing them at all and MK was quite clear about her thoughts on that (as she has a right to be). That aspect was disappointing.

We left the play to go to the Paddling Warehouse – Offshore Marine to check out my order (I had put a deposit on an Eddyline Sky 10 and was having maybe second thoughts. I want an Eddyline, but I want the best one for me. After speaking to Matt O’Brien, the general manager, we decided that I should get the 41 lb. Skylark. That is still eight pounds less than the Eddyline Caribbean we have and nine pounds more than the Sky 10. I like the idea of having a swifter, better tracking kayak, however.

We crowned the day with a treat at Miramar: Moules/Frites (Mussels and French fries) with a glass of wine. We came home to do a Zoom with our friends from the Germany trip and then settled into watching a few programs on TV. An overall nice day.



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