To winterize or not to winterize

The current view of the former DMZ: gate post is in process.

I am sitting on the patio in the sixty-eight degree (20 Celsius) and wondering if I should go about winterizing today.

It is the 9th of October, I have put out the Halloween decorations and I still have not winterized the pond and the rest of the backyard. It is one of those things where I want to wait as long as possible as I want the filter working as long as possible. It has been a long time coming back from a major mulch overload, one which put too much biodegradable material in the pond and thus making its waters murky. I therefore want to keep the filter and maintenance going as long as possible.

I also have the rain barrels that need to be dismantled and maybe i should do that anyway as they are less of an issue and I really don’t have to have their water so much at this time of the year. I do use the water for the pond but monsoon like rains have kept the pond level high so far. I also use the water to take care of flowers but that is less of an issue as well. Nonetheless, maybe I shouldn’t fret over all of this. I do anyway.

The DMZ is no more, now posts are down and river rock is in place, an event that was a joint venture between us and the neighbors. It seems strange, cooperation and congeniality between neighbors. It is clear that the lack of that was totally due to one human being.  It looks so much nicer, the DMZ, in my eyes, now that changes have been brought about. It will be less annoying when either we or our neighbors back out of the driveway. It is hard to believe that one person had this much power over all of us, but he did. 

I do have to think about the orchids in the ‘Orangerie’ and the citrus plants that are still ‘vacationing’ in the back yard. They will soon have to be pulled inside. The hibiscus and the passion flower have been repotted as of this week so I have managed to repot all of them with a new mixture I found online involving Perlite, potting soil, and small bits of bark that are used to put in reptile cages. 

Okay, maybe I won’t attack the pond or the rain barrels today, but I do need to find some projection slides for the outdoor holiday projection unit. I need to put ghosts and goblins up for Halloween viewing.

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