Black walnuts, hickory nuts, and skunks


Each day I get up and notice some sort of moved mulch or bits of grass that are torn up and I have to believe that it is a skunk and it worries me that we have a skunk in the area. I have seen him (her?) at least once. It has occurred to me that I may need to buy coyote urine or invest in some motion sensor lights and I find that annoying. I wish someone would make the skunk high tail it out of our yard. 

Today, I found myself kicking black walnuts around. There seem to be more in our area than I would have thought. Between the acorns, the hickory nuts, and the large black walnuts, I have plenty to kick around. I do so as I am walking just as I did when I was a kid. Some habits just die hard.

It was warmer out than I would have thought; it being in the low sixties and my athletic pants and long sleeve shirt being way warmer than one would expect. Once again, it is a gray, autumn day and the humidity is high. Yesterday we had a tornado watch for a large part of the day. It was good we didn’t attempt to take out the kayak as it rained heavily for a long time.

Today, I have already started a small amount of winterizing as I am draining the rain barrels and going to turn them over and make sure that the rain draining from the garage gutters is flowing away from the garage. I am doing my best to make winterizing easier, trying to move things as little as possible as opposed to my old habits of putting most everything in the garage. I have some outdoor storage that helps in this effort.

My coffee is superb. We are listening to classical music from “Year of Wonder” by Clemency Burton-Hill. Each day she tells the story of some interesting composer (for every day of the year) and there is an accompanying Playlist on Apple or Spotify (I think) that you can listen to. Thank you to our good friend who made this possible.

On another note, last night on Acorn, we found a movie based on the first book of Louise Penny and although it is not perfect, it is fun to see Inspecteur Gamache, Jean-Guy Beauvoir, and Isabel Lacoste come to life on the screen.

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