The almost freeze


MK and I were just working on signing up for our Moderna Booster shots. She must have gone on the Walgreen’s site and saw that they had opened up the appointments. I have one for Halloween, in the morning. She has one the day before. All of a sudden, I was checking to locate my ‘card’ of vaccination and checking for other immunizations that Walgreens was asking for.

Yes, an almost freeze. The walk was cold but wearing an Under Armour sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a cashmere tuque (beanie – I decided to use the Louise Penny, Québecois vocabulary). I think my Patagonia jacket might well be put into service for my next walk.

I was lazy today and decided to forego my usual routine of calisthenics and flexibility exercises. I have been pretty religious about doing them and thought that maybe, just maybe, I needed a day off.

I checked the skunk trap and saw nothing. I did see a photo of a skunk from a couple of blocks over from us. It is hard to keep a good skunk down. Is there such a thing as a good skunk? I am wondering since my thoughts on possums has changed, is it time to see what good skunks do?

I did find out another reason to dislike mice. I was talking to an ESL participant and found out that he had trapped a mouse and thought it was so cute, that he picked it up. Later, he ended up getting a tick bite, although he didn’t know it at the time. He soon became sick with Lyme’s disease and it took a while to diagnosis since he neglected to tell his doctor of his target-like wound on his back, not putting the two things together.

I will most probably continue with winterizing. Each day a little more movement. Today, I will cover the main umbrella, the other two having already come down. The metal fire pit is in place and I still have the chairs out. 

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